TSA students qualify for states

At the most recent TSA conference, BASH won more awards than any other high school at the competition. This success qualified a record-high 38 students for a state conference at Seven Springs in April.  The students who placed 1st, 2nd, or 3rd in this rigorous competition are listed below under the events in which they participated:


Architectural Renovation:

Place 1- Team A

Place 2- Team B


Biotechnology Design:

Place 2- Team D

Place 3- Team B


Career Preparation:

Place 1- Devanshi Agnihotri


CAD 2D, Architecture:

Place 1-Patrick Hohlfeld


CAD 3D, Engineering

Place 1- Sam Fox

Place 3- Trevor Waldman


Desktop Publishing

Place 2- Molly Sterner


Dragster Design

Place 1- Will Sheeler

Place 3- Jacob Lasher


Engineering Design:

Place 1- Team B


Extemporaneous Speech:

Place 1- Lucy Bellino

Place 2- Jake Irvin


Fashion Design:

Place 3- Team B


Flight Endurance:

Place 3- Gabby Thall


Future Technology Teacher:

Place 3- Morgan Lepre


Manufacturing Prototype:

Place 2- Team B


Photographic Technology:

Place 1- Jazzinda O’Donald


Prepared Presentation:

Place 2- Kira Reigner



Place 1- Team A


Structural Design & Engineering:

Place 3- Team C


Technical Sketching and Application:

Place 2- Tommy Hemingway


Technology Problem Solving:

Place 2- Team B


Transportation Modeling

Place 2- John Polkus

Place 3- Jason Campbell



Place 1- Team A


PA- Bio Medical Essay Contest:

Place 1- Olivia Steinmetz

Place 3- Olivia Crocker


PA-Material Process:

Place 1- Kevin Reigner

Place 3- Jeff Hartung


Chapter Team- Written

Place 1- Olivia Crocker

Place 3- Devanshi Agnihotri


R5/9- Engineering Math

Place 2- Kelby McWherter