Farewell from the Editor

I remember both Garner brothers, Chase and Jake, writing their final farewells to the Cub, and knowing that it would be my turn in my senior year. That seemed like such a long time away, but I have now written my final articles and I am preparing for the last full staff meeting that I will be a part of a member of the Cub.


My three years with the Cub have been highly memorable. When I started writing in my sophomore year, I was intimidated and clueless; now, as a graduating senior preparing to earn a journalism degree, I could not be any more thankful for the opportunities that the Cub has given me. Becoming involved with the Cub has introduced me to friends and allowed me to talk to the brightest and most eccentric minds of our community.


I would like to thank Adam, Amber, Corey, Dylan, James, Jess, Jo Ellen, and Molly, as well as our various contributors for their constant contributions throughout the school year; this year’s staff had some very talented writers and photographers, and they are largely responsible for the high-quality newspaper that we are able to publish.


I would also like to acknowledge both advisors that have overseen the Cub in my time as a writer and editor, Mrs. Kummerer and Mrs. Dacey. This product that we continuously put out would not have been possible without them; whether giving guidance or a gentle nudge in the direction of productivity, they have been the unseen leaders and organizers of the Cub.


Last, but most certainly not least, I would like to thank the readers of the Cub; it would be impossible to continue publication without you.


I could continue to write for hours about my memories of the Cub, but I will leave you instead with a quote from Stephen King that accurately sums up my time as a writer and editor with the Cub: “To write is human, to edit is divine.”


Thank you.

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