Boyertown Alumni Perform at State Theatre


Boyertown alumni took the stage at the historic State Theatre of Boyertown on Tuesday, April 15. Fade Into the Black, featuring Reece Christ, Dustin Baker, Vince Giangiulio, and Scott McMahon, performed a set of rock ‘n’ roll classics spanning multiple decades that pleased fans of any genre.

Rellix, a classic rock group, opened the show. The quintet was loaded with multitalented musicians, every member taking a turn at vocal duties along with his instrument. The group played groovy, soulful rock that warmed the crowd up for the headliner.

Fade Into the Black took the stage following Rellix, kicking their set off with classic covers of Black Sabbath and Ozzy Osbourne. Singer Vince Giangiulio was a whirlwind of energy, keeping the crowd’s eyes glued to the stage with his theatrics, movement, and raw enthusiasm. Giangiulio described the show as “crazy,” commenting how exhausted he was after the performance.

Guitarist Reece Christ, a class of 2013 alumnus, had a chance to show off his guitar chops, shredding through solos from the likes of Led Zeppelin, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Queen, and many other rock legends. Scott McMahon, a BASH sophomore, was no slouch either; whether grooving on the bass or handling second guitar duties, he kept the rhythm alive and moving with drummer Dustin Baker, another class of 2013 alumnus.

The musicianship combined with the group’s energy made Fade Into the Black’s performance a memorable one. As the encore closed and the packed theatre rose to give the group a standing ovation, there was no doubt that Fade Into the Black is well on the way to becoming a local favorite.

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