Good Showing for Students at TSA Conference


Mr. Josh Pennington

Group shot of the TSA competitors.

Senior Breanna Sheeler was named the 2014 Pennsylvania Technology Student of the Year this past week the Technology Students Association (TSA) States competition in Seven Springs, Tech Ed Teacher and TSA Advisor Mr. Josh Pennington said in an email to staff.

Breanna’s award comes with a $1500 scholarship for the most outstanding female technology student in the state.

Breanna also was a finalist for the Clark Scholarships, which awarded her another $1500 scholarship and an internship after completing her first year of college.  Finally, after winning 2nd in the state in Architectural CADD, Breanna won another $750 scholarship and a personal copy of Chief Architect X5 to use at home, Mr. Pennington.

He said there is no more deserving student than Breanna Sheeler to be named Pennsylvania’s top technology student for the 2014 school year.

“She puts in amazing effort in all she does, from student council to school work, and definitely as TSA President here at BASH,” he said.  “She has shown amazing abilities in architecture since I started working with her in junior high, and she continues to blow everybody away with her eye for detail, her ability to design and work in space, and more than anything her attitude for success.”

Breanna is going to Philadelphia University for Architecture next year with the scholarships she has won at TSA and privately.

At the conference, Junior Morgan Lepre also was elected to the PA TSA State Officer Board as a state reporter, the first student in two decades from Boyertown to serve on the board.

“It is going to take a lot of work and time management on Morgan’s part to be a successful state officer, and to be successful in school as well,” Mr. Pennington said, “but I know that Morgan is someone who will go the extra mile to make sure that happens.

In addition at the weekend conference, TSA had 21 Top 10 finishes and 9 trophies for Top 3 finishes, including:

Biotechnology Design:

First Place (Olivia Crocker, Haley Weller, Adam Gilbert, Mason Biehn)

Third Place (Kevin Reigner, Annie Theis, Jazzinda O’Donald, Morgan Lepre, Tom Droege)

Chapter Team:

6th Place:  (Breanna Sheeler, Danielle Croner, Olivia Steinmetz, Olivia Crocker, Kevin Reigner, Morgan Lepre.)

2D CADD Architecture:

2nd place:  Breanna Sheeler

Engineering Design:

2nd Place:  (Olivia Steinmetz, Trevor Waldman, Adam Gilbert, Jake Irvin, Harrison Miller)

Essays on Technology

9th Place:  Danielle Croner

Extemporaneous Speech

2nd Place:  Danielle Croner

Fashion Design

8th Place: (Gabby Thall, Jazzinda O’Donald, Jessica Schubert)

Manufacturing Prototype

9th Place:  (Olivia Steinmetz, Trevor Waldman, Adam Gilbert, Jake Irvin, Harrison Miller, Mason Biehn)

 Prepared Presentation

1st Place:  Danielle Croner

Scientific Visualization

10th Place:  Breanna Sheeler, Gabby Thall, Kevin Reigner, Haley Weller, Annie Theis, Jazzinda O’Donald

System Control Technology

3rd Place:  Ben Shaner, Kelby McWherter, Tom Droege

Technical Sketching Applications

7th Place:  Thomas Burghardt

Transportation Modeling

6th Place:  Jacob Lasher

Electronic Video Game Design

3rd Place:  Kelby McWherter, Eric Blumenstock, Ian Richards, Chris Kelly, Erik Abramczyk


6th Place:  Mason Biehn, Ian Richards, Chris Kelly

7th Place:  Ben Shaner, Kelby McWherter, Erik Abramczyk

PA Computer Systems Troubleshooting

5th Place:  Ben Shaner, Tom Droege

PA Materials Process

9th Place:  Kevin Reigner

PA – R.C. Dragster

6th Place:  Nathaniel Keebler, John Polkus, Harrison Miller

Chapter Team Written Test

9th Place:  Olivia Crocker

Mr. Pennington said he is very proud of the creative, dedicated group of students.

“These 28 students bring a diversity of technology skills, talents and abilities that I have never seen before in a group,” he said. “They are amazing, and if they all stick with it, BASH TSA will be blowing away the competition for a few more years to come.”