New Printers Reduce Costs

Walking through the halls, students and staff have likely noticed the new school printers.

However, the new “Follow Me” printing system is extended throughout the entire district, not just the high school.

The new centrally-managed printing system, in which students and staff print a document by logging into any one of 19 printers placed around the school, is in place in order to improve efficiency and save money.

The new system has enabled costs to be reduced from 14 cents per sheet to 6.5 cents per sheet, said Mr. Scott Major, Director of Technology for the school district.

The new system also saves money by reducing errors, such as when students print a project then realize they sent it to the wrong printer and print it again, he says. Documents also print double-sided by default.

All color prints have to go through Mr. Joe Levengood in the Print Center.

Follow Me printing functions utilizing a “cloud”. When students print a document, it is immediately stored on a Web-based cloud. Students then can approach any of the Follow Me printers to access and print their document.

To print:

-Students must press the down button prior to selecting the Name/Pin button.

-Then they are to once again press Name/Pin.

-Following that, they are to enter their student ID Pin and press OK, also twice, and then select Login.

-Once logged in, they select app and can select their desired print job.

-After tapping their print job, press start, and they have successfully printed their print job.

Teachers, however, have a slightly simpler process to undergo in order to print.

One of the intended improvements of the new system was to eliminate lines and waiting. However, students are often seen waiting to use printers, especially in the library.

School Librarian Mrs. Ruth Levan explains, “We have three other printers very close to the library, and so when there is more than one class we send the others to the other printer locations.” This is occurs mainly when large projects are due, and the hope is that the lines will dwindle down when this is not happening.