Students Sure to Get a Date with Unique “Promposals”

Coby Sartin and Myranda Armstrong.

Coby Sartin and Myranda Armstrong.

Morgan Coates and Steve Snell

score board

Senior Prom approaching on May 16th, student preparations are in full swing, from buying a dress and renting a tux to finding the best limo service. The most important preparation, many seniors say, is finding a date.

Figuring out who a person wants to go with is actually the easy part – planning how to ask is the complex component.

Although many may think prom proposals are as easy as: “Do you want to go to prom with me?” it is not quite so simple.

Today, most girls have higher standards about the way they are asked to prom. Senior Katie Groff expressed how she feels about the way her boyfriend needs to ask her to prom: “If he doesn’t ask me in a good enough way, I’m not going with him,” she sasses.

Common ways to ask someone to prom include bringing the person a cake or buying her flowers. Some of this year’s unique ways to propose include:

• Singing a song on the news, which Eli Mercado did for his girlfriend, Kaylie Dixon.

• Steve Snell inviting Morgan Coates to go bowling and writing, “Go To Prom With Me” as the names on the scoreboard. “This is my first time someone actually asked me, [rather than] the whole ‘if I don’t have a date and you don’t have a date we’ll go together,’” Coates explains. “I’m excited!”

• Coby Sartin dressing up in a Swedish Fish costume, telling Myranda Armstrong, “You’re the Swedish Fish in the sea; will you go to prom with me?”

Although coming in in a swooning way to ask someone to prom may seem difficult, students agree that the effort is what matters most.

However, having an official date is not a necessity for having a good time. Numerous students go alone or with friends; and whether someone has a date or not, prom can still be an enjoyable experience for seniors.