Pennies for Patients Campaign Ends

Club raised $500, less than last year

This year, Pennies for Patients raised more than $500, but that is only a quarter of what the club raised last year.

Members of Health Club, which organized the event, attribute the decrease in amount raised due to a mixture of block scheduling and snow days. With homeroom only occurring once every six days, students were not presented with as often an opportunity and reminder to donate.

“The new schedule really messed us up… but now we have some insight on how to successfully collect next year,” Health Club president Colleen Canfield said.

The top two homerooms were Mrs. Wyands and Mrs. DeMario with $173.66 and $63.45. The winners will be receiving their breakfast party on Day 6, following the seniors’ return from Disney.

Although this year’s total was significantly lesser than last year’s whopping $2,000-plus, Health Club is just glad they could raise anything for the cause, said Health Club Co-Advisor and School Nurse Dana Hopple. Every penny counts.

Many teachers have suggested collecting donations in first period. However, Health Club was hesitant to make that transition for the sake of large first periods, such as open campus or band, winning, and not having it in their budget to provide the breakfast party.

“We’re definitely going to have to do something differently next year,” Mrs. Hopple said, “but it all depends on how they do homerooms and the schedule.”

Health Club does not yet have a plan for next year, but the club will likely either collect first period or continue collecting in homeroom, which will be determined by whether or not the current scheduling is in any way adjusted.