Rough Winter Leads to Leaky Roof

Sitting in class, daydreaming students might have noticed several roof leaks that have sprung up in the last few weeks.

With this season’s dramatic changes in climate, the 20-year-old roof of the school is under a lot of stress, according to Head Custodian Robert Eshbach. At this point, there are 27 leaks in the ceiling total, he said, but all are well maintained.

Maintenance crews are currently doing all they can to contain the leaks and prevent new leaks from happening, but it is difficult to contain and resolve the leaks because of several different factors, he said.

The constant changes in the weather have worn down the rubber ceiling, forming cracks.

Also, because it is a flat roof water and snow can pile up and weigh it down. Snow and ice also have hindered progress on the repairs, because it is difficult to reach the problem areas, Mr. Eshbach said. Late winter is usually the worst time of the year in regard to leaks forming in the ceiling.

With warmer weather on the way, repairs will be easier to carry out, Mr. Eshbach said. He also said a new roof is in the plan for the upcoming renovation of the school, and this should solve all of the current problems regarding the ceiling.

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