Mini-THON Meets Fundraising goal in Fun Way

Mr. Kusniez hair into “rainbow” style

Since over $1,000 was donated during school, by lunch on Friday, Student Council Advisor Mr. Kusniez kept his promise to shave his head.

Music hummed throughout the Bear Gym Friday night as BASH students danced the night away during the Mini-THON, all in the name of a good cause – helping fight childhood cancer.

BASH students and staff raised over $37,000 for the Four Diamonds Fund.

The money raised this year brought the accumulating total over the past four years to a total of $100,000, making BASH the highest earner in Berks County and one of the highest earners in the state,  Student Council Advisor Mr. Jeffery Kusniez said.

“We had an amazing night, as you can tell by our total,” Kusniez said in an email to the BASH community. ”Student Council and all the students that were present would like to thank all the chaperones and everyone that donated to the 2014 Mini-THON.”

The week leading up to Mini-THON, Mr. Kusniez agreed to shave his head as long as $1000 was raised in school by lunch on Friday. Because they met their fundraising goal, Mr. Kusniez kept his promise and received the transverse rainbow mohawk.

When asked about cutting his hair, Mr. Kusniez said, “For me personally, there are a number of reasons why I am willing to cut my hair.  First, I have a three-year old and I cannot imagine what someone telling us she has cancer would feel like.  If I can do something to help anyone never hear those words again, I’m for it.  Second, our students have worked really, really hard to raise money and if cutting my hair helps them reach the $35,000 goal that is great.  Third, if even one more person gets involved and becomes more aware of this amazing cause because I’m cutting my hair, the campaign has been a success.”

Students raised the money by asking people to sponsor them for dancing from 6 p.m. to 6 a.m. In addition to dancing at the event, students played volleyball, line-danced, did Zumba, and made arts and crafts.

Mini-THON replicates the Penn State THON on a smaller scale. In the past year, 100 schools hosted events, raising more than $2 million for the Four Diamonds Fund, which assists children treated for cancer at Penn State Hershey Children’s Hospital and their families. The fund also supports research.

Student Council is still taking donations for Four Diamonds. It also will host a Finding Nemo Movie Night on March 14t at 6:30 in the Café that was rescheduled due to all the snow days.