Renovation Plans on Track Again

Changes include adding 9th graders and learning academies

The plans to renovate and expand the BASH building are back on track after issues with the first architect, who was fired for underestimating the original budget.

The construction project is expected to begin between October and November of the 2014-2015 school year and could take 30-36 months to complete, said BASH Principal Dr. Brett Cooper.

KCBA Architects will complete the project as planned after the firing of E.I. associates, the previous architect.

The building plan will move the ninth graders to the high school, turning the old building into a new ninth grade center. The ninth graders will still be able to participate in electives with other students at the senior high, but the core ninth grade courses will be in the old building. This will add an approximate 600 more students.

Other renovations to be done near the commons lobby include:

-new art classrooms

-moving the choir room to the newly renovated area.

-moving the NJROTC classroom to the old choir area, putting the NJROTC area closer to the ninth grade center.

The renovation project also will add a new fitness center, an “official” main entrance to the building, and a new gymnasium.

It also will foster a new “academy” structure at the high school, which will be phased in over the course of three years after construction is complete. The school will be organized into four career-focused academies that students can opt into. The four Learning Academies will be:

-Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM)

-Visual, Performing, and Fine Arts (VPFA)

-Developmental and Health Sciences (DHS)

-Entrepreneur Academy (ENTR)
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