Pennies for Patients Returns to BASH

The Pennies for Patients fundraiser sponsored by Health Club kicks off on Monday, February 10. Originally, the event was going to run through February 28. Due to all the snow interference, Pennies for Patients will continue until March 5.

During the fundraiser, students and staff have the opportunity to donate to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. Students may bring in any unit of money – not just pennies.

Pennies for Patients boxes are placed in every Alpha-Homeroom. Every Day One and every Friday, health club members will go around and collect money.

The top three homerooms to raise the most money per student win a free breakfast. To make the competition fair, since homeroom sizes differ, the average amount of money donated per student is calculated, and that determines the winner.

Last year, over $2000 was raised, and the Health Club is hoping to raise even more this year.