Mock Trial Takes the Case

This year the BASH Mock Trial team is back and ready to go to court.


This year’s case involves a track runner whose dream of competitive track and field is cut short by a drug overdose that ended her life. It is up to the BASH Mock Trial team to figure out who is truly responsible for the death of this aspiring athlete.


Ruffed Grouse High School is being sued by Jordan’s mother, who says the school was neglectful; the school says Jordan’s mother is to blame. Student lawyers will argue for each side.


Mock Trial is an event for ambitious future lawyers who are looking to experience real courtroom scenarios. Each team member is given a role to play before the trial. Whether they are an attorney or a witness in the trial, hours of time are spent practicing and studying for the competition.


The BASH team is a group of twelve students interested in civil and criminal law. Mrs. Susan Burdick is the team advisor. Each week, the team meets with a different attorney to pick up tips and make sure that their court procedure is perfect.


January 7, the day of the first trial, the BASH team faced Governor Mifflin High School in a courtroom at a courthouse in Reading and lost by a few points. Each team was scored by a panel of attorneys on trial elements such as opening and closing speeches, credibility of witnesses, cross examinations, and rebuttals. Without a script, each team had to be quick on their feet and ready to make objections when needed.


The team is working to improve for a separate regional competition at the Northhampton County Courthouse in Allentown on February 12.


“We are almost there, we just to make some small improvements and make sure we are credible and professional,” says junior Mahlon Mowrer, Captain of the Mock Trial Team.