Teachers on Twitter- Mr. Towers


BASH Vice Principal Mr. James Towers is using social media to bond with students and promote the school.

He has used his Twitter account, @JimTowers2175, for a few months to tweet regularly about happenings around BASH.

“It’s a good way to connect with students and get rapid feedback,” he said.

Mr. Towers said he started playing around with a personal Twitter account for about six months, following the New York Mets, the Food Network and other interests. Then he read that using social media would be a good way to connect with students, and he began tweeting about BASH.

A lot of his tweets are brags about students and groups. He posted about a girls’ soccer team win on October 13th:

“Lady Bears soccer clinch first in Division with 3-1 win over Methacton! Well done, Ladies. We’ll see you in the playoffs. #proudprincipal”

He also uses his account to promote school events. He recently tweeted to a Pottstown Mercury reporter play-by-play action from the Boyertown-Methacton soccer game.

Mr. Towers also tweets about non-school topics in an effort to get more students to follow him.

For example, every Sunday he tweets about the television show “The Walking Dead”.

“Why didn’t Rick put a bullet in her head?” he tweeted after one episode.

He also has tweeted about changes in the schedule due to PSATs and reminding students the did have school Columbus Day

His hope is that students will check in regularly to contribute to discussions about school issues get updates about daily events.