BASH to Host State Student Council Conference

More than 1,000 student leaders from around the state are coming to BASH for the Pennsylvania Student Council State Conference.

The conference will be held from November 14th to 16th, bringing PASC students and advisors, plus various speakers.

Boyertown bid for the conference against two other school in January 2012. Each member of the BASH Student Council has a role in one of the 20 subcommittees in charge of matters such as Housing, Registration, and General Sessions.

“I have always known we have amazing students and an amazing community; this conference has allowed us to showcase the amazing student leaders we have at Boyertown,” said Student Council Leader Mr. Jeff Kusniez.

He said the conference never would have been possible without the student leaders.

“They, by their actions, have given the rest of the students in Boyertown an opportunity to showcase their talents.

“It has been an amazing thing to watch and I cannot wait for everyone around the community to meet the other amazing young leaders that will be here in a few weeks.”

Students at the conference will participate in various workshops created and led by students. To lead a workshop, students had to submit applications to Boyertown to be approved. The around 60 workshops range from How to Use Social Media to How to Run a Student Council Meeting.

Speakers include Judson Laipply, Monte Selby, and Scott Backovich, who will help tie in with the theme of the conference by presenting song- and dance-oriented speeches. Selby will write a song specifically for this conference’s theme, which is “Feel the Rhythm of Leadership.”

The music theme ties into the workshops, said Katie Waverka, BASH Student Council President and co-chair for the conference along with Emma Howald.

“Since Boyertown’s music program is outstanding – we have the band, we have the chorus, we have all the plays that we do – as we were putting [the conference] together, we were like: Music,” Waverka said.

She said the theme ties in with teaching students how to use their leadership and surroundings, “so it’s tying into harmony, encore, and other musical elements.”

In addition to this conference and other leadership training, PASC members also participate in district conferences, attend a student summit in Harrisburg to form a bill for the Pennsylvania House of Representatives, and work with the State Board of Education.

No one knows PASC better than BASH Senior Danielle Croner, PASC President. “The organization is great … because it’s nonprofit, so all the people that are working for it really care about students,” she said. “Many opportunities are also provided to kids with the leadership training and with some of the scholarships that they offer.”

All visiting student delegates need a place to stay, and the BASH Student Council is still looking for hosts. Anyone who wants to host can contact a Student Council member for a housing form.

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