Bear Den Roars Louder Than Ever


Anyone looking up into the Boyertown Student Section, or “Bear Den”, at home football games this year can see a sea of black swaying back and forth doing “The Wave.”

More students than ever are showing up to cheer for events such as “Black Out Night” at football games, a sign that the student section at Boyertown is much stronger than in past years.

In the past, only seniors seemed to show up for games, but more sophomore and juniors are coming out now.

“This year, [the Bear Den] really unites the classes,” said Senior Danielle Croner, who has been involved with getting more students out to the games.

Not only is the Bear Den more diverse, but students also seem more focused on the game rather than simply socializing, said Boyertown’s Athletic Director Madison Morton. They can be heard chanting player’s names or spelling out “B-E-A-R-S!”

“Socialization will always be a big part of high school football games,” Morton said, “but now our students are focused on Boyertown getting a win and making it to PAC-10 Championships.”

Social media is another reason the student section is more spirited. Senior Nick Savino set up a Twitter account, @btownbearden, to tell students about upcoming games and let them know if there are certain colors to wear for games, such as for Black Out Night.

“The Twitter account was made to inform and get students excited for upcoming sporting events during the week,” Savino said.

He said the account currently has 257 followers, but the goal is get more followers than Pottsgrove’s and Springford’s student sections.