Apple Users Might Want to Wait on “Original” iOS7



There is a good chance you or someone you know either already has – or is contemplating getting – the iOS7 and the new software updates for the iPhone, released on September 18th .


But you might want to wait, and to consider if what you are getting is really new?


Apple has once again managed to please iPhone users by taking popular concepts from the Android system and watering them down into the childish, bubbly edition of iOS. The update contains a new system called the control system, which is basically a second task bar allowing Apple users to turn on and off features such as blue-tooth and WiFi. This is a feature Android has had in its notification bar for years.


The iOS also has managed to make things more likeable by introducing a multitasking system that, too, looks oddly familiar.


Of course, we could go on about the battle between Apple and Android; however Nokia’s windows phone was also a big topic during the announcement of the iPhone 5c. Nokia’s Lumia series windows phone recently came out in a multitude of colors, prior to the iPhone 5c doing so. In response to Apple’s announcement of the 5c, Nokia tweeted saying, “Imitation is the best form of flattery,” referencing the fact that the iPhone 5c has the same color lineup and plastic casing that the Lumia phones have.


Users of the new iOS7 also need to be aware of security flaws – most notably, a bypass that can be done on all of the phones running iOS7. Anyone can access email accounts, photos, or settings by performing a simple, five-step process to open the phone to the newly implemented multitasking feature and accessing those features. The bypass process can get past any lock on the iPhone. Apple has noted such process and claims they are looking for a fix, soon.


Those who have yet to update their iPhone might want to wait – at least until a few of the kinks get worked out. Or, of course, they can consider getting an original model, an Android or Nokia phone.

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