“Calling it a battle is kind of an understatement; it was a slaughter.”

Calling it a battle is kind of an understatement; it was a slaughter. The beginning of the episode, with Daenerys absolutely obliterating the Iron Fleet, was so sweet, watching every single one of those giant harpoon/crossbow weapons burn.

Later, after storming the wall, it was such a relief when every single Lannister soldier surrendered, ringing the bells before any battle began. Thousands of innocent people in the city were saved in that instant. So it was absolutely horrifying when Dany stared at the Red Keep, showing the trademark Targaryen madness. When she began flying around the city, my family and I were muttering, “No, no, no, no,” and when she starting to burn thousands of innocent people we were in anguish.

Daenerys, who had long been a fan-favorite, has turned out to be the one at the top of most fan’s kill list now. Once the breaker of chains, she’s completely turned on her principles and her sanity.

There was a long list of the dead; seven total important characters.

Varys’ execution was heartbreaking. I saw it coming with his conversation with Tyrion last episode, but it was doubly awful as Varys was right. He was always right. And he deserved at least a sword, an instant death, rather than being burned alive like he was.

The next death was Euron Greyjoy, thankfully. His death was such a relief, with resentment built up over the last couple seasons. Despite Jaime’s betrayal last episode, I couldn’t help but root for him against Euron, and grimace when he was stabbed twice.

Qyburn also finally died. The former maester who had served as Cersei’s Hand for an extended period of time now, raising the Mountain from the dead, finally perished. And it was sudden and shocking, but still made me feel some kind of relief. He was never an outright evil man, but his loyalty to Cersei and his intellect always made him dangerous.

Then the fight between the Hound and the Mountain had been building since season one. It was long overdue, and as horrifying as one would expect. When the Mountain began to crush the Hound’s skull, I had to look away, remembering Oberyn’s death at the hands of the Mountain. However, the Hound managed to use his final moments to tackle his brother into dragon fire; a sad end to Sandor Clegane, dying in flames. But dragon fire should extinguish the Mountain’s life entirely, once and for all.

Finally, then, was Cersei’s death with Jaime. It was fitting, the twins-slash-lovers reuniting before death. It was more than Cersei deserved, for all the horrors she committed. Watching them be buried alive under the Red Keep, where they grew up, was almost sad. But ultimately, it was the final good moment in the episode. Fans have been waiting for Cersei’s death for seasons now; it’s a shame it came at the cost of Jaime’s character development.

Arya’s plight through the city was stressful and full of amazing cinematography. There’s no doubt in my mind that Arya will add Dany to the top of her list, especially after the deaths of the innocents who saved her life. The end, where the burned bodies are all scattered and Arya gets on a white horse, seemed to be an allusion to Arya passing on to the afterlife; however, the next episode preview assured me she was alive.

I predict that Tyrion is definitely dead next episode, probably executed by Dany for either a perceived slight or releasing Jaime. Either Jon or Dany will die, and one will end up on the Iron Throne. That, or both will die and Sansa or Bran will take the throne. Honestly, it’s kind of hard to predict but I’m so excited and sad for the last episode.