“All the stunts Daenerys pulled this past episode means she is dead. But who kills her?”

“The Bells” held the moments we’ve been waiting for since it all began. It’s what the entire show was built on. As epic as it was, at the same time it was brutal and disappointing.

The awesome part came from the beginning parts of the episode. I was particularly sad to see Varys go. I enjoyed the drama he brought with his “birds” and such, but he was so sneaky and downright stupid for approaching Jon and discussing him being the King of the Seven Kingdoms. It was absolutely expected that Jon was going to tell Daenerys and then she would have him killed.

Second, the way Daenerys’s army completely obliterated the Iron Fleet was best part of the whole episode. The dragon dodged every arrow shot at him and the look of pure terror and defeat on Euron Greyjoy’s face avenged Theon and his sister. It was everything anyone on Daenerys’s side could have wanted. But then came the surprise attack from behind the Lannister army by Daenerys was also how I hoped it would be. But it all seemed way too good to be true.

I honestly fully expected Daenerys to have mercy on the innocent people of King’s Landing (even though they arguably aren’t innocent because of how they supported the execution of Ned Stark) given that she is the Breaker of Chains. Her hate for Cersei ran so deep that she felt the need to destroy the entire city. And destroy I also mean whip out. That whole series of events proved that she truly is the daughter of the Mad King. The fact that she has totally lost it is so disheartening because I was rooting for her to end up on the throne with or without Jon. She had won the hearts of so many by the way she had gotten to where she is now that it is essentially heartbreaking that she’s become insane. There were several hints leading up to this such as for one she looked sickening throughout the whole episode and two how she treated Tyrion with her rudeness.

The other disappointing, but more so annoying, part was the way Cersei died. I’d been iffy on Jaime the entire show, was finally on his side for the previous season, but that all ended when he ran from Winterfell. I couldn’t even be completely happy when he defeated and killed Euron. I could’ve sworn he was going to screw up Daenerys’s battle plans for killing Cersei which I’m glad he didn’t because honestly she deserves everything, even the walk of shame. That’s why she didn’t deserve to die the way she did. She almost died happily in Jaime’s arms which in my opinion is sickening and disgusting on a whole other level. However, it’s awesome that her, her hand Qyburn and the Mountain are dead.

The second to last episode left me also very unhappy with how Arya was treated. I wanted her to complete her list by killing Cersei so bad. Yes, she did kill the Night King but I thought Jon deserved to kill him anyways and Cersei was Arya’s. Moreover, it was so wrong that Arya didn’t fight whatsoever in the Last War, she was trampled and ran over several times in the streets of King’s Landing. She was nearly crushed countless times and the scars on her face did not represent her character. But her being the warrior that she is made it out alive in her usual fearless fashion.

These events lead us to the series finale for, which I am very nervous for. All the stunts Daenerys pulled this past episode means she is dead. But who kills her? I’m almost (but not really) certain that Jon will not, even though he was obviously very upset watching King’s Landing burn. There is, however, a chance Tyrion at least plots against her due to her doing the opposite of his advice which was burn his home city and remaining family and the conversation he had with Varys in “The Last of the Starks” concerning Daenerys as queen. The murder of Daenerys I believe will be Arya. One main reason for this theory is the green eyes prophecy. Melisandre (The Red Witch) states, “I see a darkness in you, and in that darkness, eyes staring at me: brown eyes, blue eyes, green eyes – eyes you’ll shut forever”. Brown eyes – Walder Frey; blue eyes – Night King; green eyes – potentially Daenerys. In addition to this, Game of Thrones does not put irrelevant and unnecessary scenes in their show for no reason. In the very beginning of this episode, Varys writes a note more than likely sharing that Jon Snow has the best claim to the Iron Throne. It can be inferred that he gave several of these notes out to his “birds”. Maybe Arya is a bird. Or maybe she really just is a girl with no name. I truly can’t predict how things will end but what I do know is I want Arya to be safe, happy, with Gendry and on top whatever that may be.

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