“The Calm Before the Storm”

Jocelyn Lear, Web Editor

The entire episode felt like something awful was going to happen. It was way too good of a feel-good episode, but I guess it’s the calm before the storm. I almost expected someone major to die at the very end of the episode, as a way of starting the season out with a bang.

However, I think this episode was phenomenal. Definitely an amazing start to the last season. It set up so many plot points and conflict for later in the season.

Jon’s return to Winterfell was definitely bittersweet, with everyone so grown up now and Bran no longer Bran but the Three-Eyed Raven. The threat of the White Walkers definitely dampened it, but overall the procession back into Winterfell was a fitting parallel to the pilot episode.

I have to admit, knowing Jon’s true heritage kind of ruins the relationship with Daenerys for me. But at least they’re carrying on the Targaryen tradition of incest, right? They work very well together and look great, but the whole aunt/nephew thing is too weird in my opinion. I’m sure Jon will agree, now knowing the truth.

The pushback from the North is honestly so expected; it’s been a major theme of the North to always resist change and outsiders. Hopefully they forfeit to Jon’s pleas, though. The North can’t really afford to be disjointed, with the Night King bearing down on them and Cersei planning to backstab them.

Now the dragons on the other hand were incredible; the CGI is honestly just perfect. Seeing the landscape and the joy on Jon and Dany’s faces was a phenomenal decision, providing what is sure to be a contrast to the despair of the rest of the season.