Bills Damar Hamlin has cardiac arrest on field against the Bengals


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Damar Hamlin with his family

Buffalo Bills Safety Damar Hamlin was critically injured after collapsing on the field last Monday night against the Bengals. Hamlin took a hit to the chest during the first quarter while colliding with Bengals player Tee Higgins. Damar got up but suddenly collapsed; the whole stadium was concerned and filled with worry. Paramedics rushed to his aid and gave Hamlin CPR on the field; his heart stopped for 10 minutes. Hamlin stayed on the field for more than 15 minutes before he was stable enough to be transported to a Cincinnati hospital. His diagnosis of cardiac arrest was announced Tuesday morning. Damar Hamlin was put into a medically induced coma.

A massive injury on the field has a ripple effect on the fans, the team, family, friends, and the coaching staff. In an interview with Boyertown assistant football coach, we asked “what goes through a coach’s mind when a player gets a serious injury on the field?” Mr.Dunne stated, “It’s a helpless feeling because you know that it is out of your control. You try to comfort the kid and you have to let the medical professionals do their job.”

It is important to give attention to the medical staff on the field. Mr. Dunne mentioned, “I think the biggest takeaway from this is the importance of the on field medical staff. What they did on the field that night can’t be overlooked; those people saved Hamlin’s life.” Thanks to the highly trained professionals on the field that night, Damar Hamlin is making incredible progress.

We also inquired, from a coaches perspective, how one would support the rest of the team after an injury? Mr. Dunne expressed that it’s traumatic; “We try to rally the team and try to have them focus on the game and task at hand because, more than likely, the game will continue without that player. We gather them on the sideline and try to keep them loose and focused. It depends on the severity of the situation.” In Damar Hamlins case, the game was postponed due to the severity of his injury and the trauma to the players after seeing a brother in such a condition.

It’s been a week since the tragic accident; Hamlin is now breathing on his own and communicating with his family, doctors, and teammates. On Instagram, he posted that he was thankful for the love he’s received and asked for continued prayers for a “long road” ahead. Damar got to have a video call with his teammates on Friday afternoon. Dion Dawkins stated, “To hear him talk to us, it was everything, and that’s what we needed.” The positive updates from the hospital gave the Bills ambition in their game against the New England Patriots, winning 35-23. The crowd roared and across the country there was support for Damar Hamlin.

We wish Damar Hamlin continued progress and a speedy recovery!