Non-Eagles Fans Get, Give A lot of Flack


Physical Education Teacher Mr. Randall Yenser flaunts his Dallas sweatshirt, just one of many pieces of Cowboys gear he wears at school.

Philadelphia fans are some of the toughest around. They’ve made national headlines for doing everything from throw beer cans at opposing fans while tailgating to mocking the Vikings’ Skol clap to booing Santa.

Things aren’t quite as bad here at BASH, but non-Eagles fans definitely get their share of hate. Steelers, Cowboys, and Giants fans get a lot of flack for wearing their teams’ jerseys or bragging about wins.

Senior and Eagles fan Cedric Baker understands that some may want to root for another team, but some opposing fans push it too far — wearing team gear and loudly bragging about wins over Philadelphia.

“There are some smart fans, but there are some dumb ones,” he said.

Physical Education teacher Mr. Randell Yenser wears a Cowboys lanyard. When the Eagles played the Cowboys, he wore a Cowboys jacket. Students told him to “take it off”, which he did — only to reveal he had a Cowboys shirt underneath.

“I enjoy being a Cowboys fan and having a friendly competition,” he said.

Freshman English Teacher Mr. Brendan Dunne, who is a Giants fan, also wears a lanyard with his team’s logo on it. He also has a Giants logo on his whiteboard.

He wasn’t a teacher here when the Eagles won the Super Bowl, but said it was not a pleasant time in his life.

“It’s kind of like karma, because when the Giants won the Super Bowl, we would rub it in their faces,” he said.

Diehard Steelers fan Senior PJ Riddell wears Steelers’ jerseys and often writes about his favorite team on his Cub Sports Blog. Just about every day, he trades trash talk with friends in Cub and in other classes.

“To a degree it’s frustrating, but it’s fun,” he said. “Being an outsider is always fun and you have your own bragging rights. It’s fun to torment the other fans.”

It was especially hard last year when “Fly Eagles Fly” was played between classes on the loudspeaker after the Eagles won the Super Bowl.

“I started twitching,” he said. “I liked the fight song before, but after hearing it during school and the playoffs, I don’t like it anymore.”

Freshman Cody Weiss is a Bears fan. This year is a lot more fun than last year.

“It’s fun cause the Eagles suck,” he said. “It’s fun because I don’t need to scream at the TV every Sunday.”

We’ll see if Weiss’ comments hold up when the Eagles play the Bears on Sunday in the Wild Card round of the playoffs in Chicago.