Students Loco For Hoco



An exciting pep rally, new students, and a victorious football game helped make homecoming more spirited this year.

Homecoming week kicked off on with a pep rally on Monday instead of the usual Friday.


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“Student council decided we wanted to ‘kick off’ homecoming week with a pep rally to get students and faculty excited not only for the game, but for the spirit week and the dance as well,” explained Owen Carroll, a member of student council.

More students than usual dressed up for the spirit week days, which were:

-Class colors day

-tacky tourist day

-holiday day

-college day

-America day

Outrageous costumes included someone dressing up in a full elf costume and a lot of flag capes.

“We used pep rally to display ideal outfits for each spirit day along with promoting the sale of the Homecoming dance tickets,” Owen said.

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Tuesday was the third annual homecoming carnival. Although the turnout was smaller than past years, the carnival kept the week going. Clubs participated as in the past, with TSA taking up an entire row with multiple booths.

The football game against Owen J. Roberts Friday night got people’s spirits up again with a score of 24-21. Charlotte Calautti was crowned homecoming queen.

Saturday at the dance, Jerry Kapp was named homecoming king. The dance was a lot more crowded than usual due to a lot of the new freshmen.