Should You Make the “Switch” to a New Video Game Console?

Should You Make the Switch to a New Video Game Console?

The Switch is Nintendo’s latest and greatest in console hardware. But how does it stack up against it’s Sony and Microsoft competition? While not quite as powerful, the Switch has an edge because of its portability.

The Switch is comprised of two parts: the Switch itself, a small tablet with a touch screen and a resolution up to 720p, and a dock. The Switch can be put in the dock in order to connect to a TV for higher resolution.

Switching from TV to tablet mode is seamless, with no loading screens. While in the dock, the Switch also can charge, and if the Joy Con are attached, they charge too. (The Joy Con are a bit like smaller Wii remotes, but they can be put into a grip that connects them into one controller.) The Joy Con features NFC, Gyroscope, and Nintendo’s new HD rumble. While the HD rumble is an interesting idea, the difference from a normal rumble is minimal at best.

The Switch is durable. I have owned one for a year, and it has stood up well. I have dropped it multiple times on the glass screen without getting a single crack. There also are cases for it, just like a tablet. Also, buying a screen protector helps.

One downside of the portable Switch is that it’s weaker in terms of raw computation power. The Switch uses a Nvidia Tegra X1, an older card and less powerful than what other consoles use. Because of this, some games on the Switch need to be dialed down in order to run smoothly.

Also, the battery life is less than stellar. According to, players will only get around 2.5 hours of battery life playing Breath of the wild. So, without a charger, the Switch might not last through long car rides. Adding battery packs can increase the battery life, but multiple users have reported their consoles being broken by them.

Power issues aside, the library for the Switch is full of heavy hitters, including Mario Kart 8, Splatoon 2, Breath of the wild, and soon the famous Super Smash Brothers, to be shown at E3. When it came out in March 2017, Nintendo only made one first party game for the Switch. However, since then, Nintendo has come out with a new game every month. More games are expected, including Pikmin, Animal Crossing, Pokemon, and Metroid Prime. Many Indie games also are available on the Switch.

So, aside from the power issue, this console is one of the best around. If you haven’t done so, it might be time to make the “switch”.