Baby Yoda vs. Baby Groot creates controversy


What is considered to be the cutest photo of Baby Yoda

Ever since the Disney+ series The Mandalorian made its debut, fans have fallen in love with the character that the internet has nicknamed “Baby Yoda.” Although his true name is unknown, the show displays him as “The Child,” signifying his age and maturity.

Despite this name, the species of which he identifies, lives to around 1,000 years. With the results of many tests after the character was introduced, we can safely assume he is around the age of 50. 

His contestant, Baby Groot, is a close runner-up to his fame. Following his debut in the final scenes of Guardians of the Galaxy, he has been the subject of memes and laughter. At the end of the movie, while the audience was admiring the sacrifice he made, he appeared in a flower pot and danced when Drax wasn’t looking. One could consider it one of the funniest scenes in Marvel history.

With The Mandalorian already surpassing the popularity of Netflix’s Stranger Things, the addition of Baby Yoda into the plot of the end of chapter 1 became it’s popularity power-up. Within the hour, fans rushed onto the internet to start what would become a global controversy, which is now known as Baby Yoda memes. With episodes coming out weekly, and “The Child” being in all of them since, fans have come to love the character. 

After Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2 came into theaters, Baby Groot memes were widespread, and the community loved him, but not to the extent of Baby Yoda. In his first week of release, Groot took our hearts just as Baby Yoda did, but as time passed, he fell out of place as many Marvel movies topped his. He just fell out of fame in the comic community as his character grew and developed into a moody, teenage Groot. 

Another argument posted around the community is that Baby Yoda had more character development. Despite having not said a word, Baby Yoda’s actions have grown his character to an extent that Baby Groot can no longer compete with. 

Despite that, the argument continues: which one has been more of a driving force and which one is cuter? Well, according to polls on the internet and critics in general, Baby Groot isn’t even in the ballpark. Baby Yoda, according to many websites, has made more of an impact on social media in the last eight weeks than Baby Groot has made in his whole career. No one is saying that Baby Groot didn’t make an impact on the community, but with the release of The Rise of Skywalker recently, many look forward to a future of a new saga and all of the Star Wars shows. 

Since shows like The Mandalorian and the new Obi Wan series are supposed to be the driving force for Star Wars until we see another saga come along, many believe that the overwhelming popularity of Baby Yoda and the Mandalorian is necessary for the livelihood of Star Wars

Keep in mind, The Mandalorian has aired its last episode of the first season, and to see more Baby Yoda action, we will have to wait until Fall 2020. The potential with the character is endless. 

After what we consider to be an internet controversy, the community has essentially agreed that Baby Yoda tops Baby Groot in all categories and has made more of an impact on society. And, he is cuter.