Newest Avengers Movie is the Best One Yet

Newest Avengers Movie is the Best One Yet

The new Marvel movie, Avengers Infinity War, hit theaters April 27. People had very high expectations, saying it would be the most intense and action-filled Marvel movie yet. And everyone was looking forward to seeing this crossover of all the superheroes in one film. The movie definitely lived up to the hype.

The plot of Infinity War revolves around the Avengers trying to defeat their ultimate villain, Thanos (Josh Brolin). Thanos is trying to collect all six Infinity Stones, which are stones owned by different Avengers. He plans to use these stones to power his Infinity Gauntlet. Doing so will destroy half the universe, which Thanos thinks will restore balance in the world. The fate of the world rests on the Avengers as they try to stop Thanos from collecting the stones.

One worry a lot of Marvel fans had was that each ¬†Avenger would have unequal screen time or that the movie would be a little overwhelming. However, ¬†the movie did a great job of including all the characters in a balanced way, excitement building as each one showed up on screen. The audience cheered early in the movie when many of the superheroes came together — Iron Man, Thor, Dr. Strange, and Black Panther among them. Then, other characters such as Spiderman and the Hulk start appearing.

Thanos is the perfect villain. He is big and bad, but he also has a personal, believable logic to what he is doing that allows the audience to have a connection with his character. He is complex to the point that the audience can at times sympathize with him and actually wonder if what he is doing is the right thing.

The two-and-a-half hour movie takes the audience on an emotional roller coaster. It starts out light and humorous as subplots start to develop for Iron man, Captain America, and Thor. As those three superheroes team up with the other heroes and battle Thor, the movie gets more serious, with unexpected turns that leave the audience on the edge of its seat. The ending of the movie also leaves viewers with a huge cliffhanger, so they can expect another movie to come out.

So, Infinity War met expectations. The movie was filled with the perfect amount of action and comedy, and it was cool to see all the Avengers on the same screen together.