The Weight of Nothing

He tells the story to his kin

To kill a mockingbird is a sin

The bird does nothing wrong

Just perches and sings a delicate song

He hides objects in the tree

But a glimpse of him they never see

They wonder if the rumors are true

They can’t stop thinking about Boo

They wish he would walk out the door

They crawl under the fence to explore

They become scared and run away

But Jem’s pants decide to stay

He goes back to avoid trouble

But he’s so surprised he almost trips in the rumble

For the pants, he came back too revitalized

No tears were left in the sides

A fire rose at Mrs. Maudie’s

Atticus spots a blanket and says they are naughty

“T’was Boo” they shout with glee

The next day, there’s cement in the tree

He comes about one day

His mission to scare  Ewell away

But the truth is never told

For the mockingbird is like Boo’s soul