The Story of Boo

Boo Radley

His stories have been twisted in many rumors

He means no harm, yet the people of Maycomb fear him

No one sees him, yet he may just see everything

He’s lonely and quiet, but he might just surprise you

Boo Radley

As the tire rolled in the yard, he began to laugh

And as he watched the children, his interest began to grow

The hole in his tree was empty, until the day Scout found a stick of gum

The gifts continued to come, until Nathan put them to a stop

However, this resulted in the plan to send a note to him

Boo Radley

As the sun fell, the kids snuck up to the house

The summer breeze made chills go down their spines

Boo sensed someone was there

As they tried to look inside, all they saw was his shadow

Out of fright, the kids ran as the shotgun fired

In the rush, Jem left his pants behind

When he returned, he was surprised to find 

that someone attempted to stitch them

Boo Radley

He heard the screams, and grabbed the knife

He was scared to go outside, but he knew it was right

He put his fears aside to help save the children

He stopped the man, then carried Jem down the street

Scout had followed in disbelief

Boo saved the kids and made Scout’s fantasy come true

And yet all she said was “Hey, Boo”