Bill banning federal holidays to be banned by Congress


Say goodbye to holidays.

Earlier this morning, President Biden has confirmed that he has given the go-ahead to move a bill to congress that will ban all federal holidays until April 2022. This move comes as Dr. Fauci warned that Holidays pose a threat to the progress made from months of social distancing.

Perhaps more surprising is that both leaders in the house and senate agreed that this move is necessary to defeat the virus in a fast, efficient way. “I had a very productive meeting with the president, the house speaker, the Senate majority and minority leaders, as well with the house majority and minority leaders on the importance of social distancing and why it is necessary to ban all Federal Holidays”, Fauci said at the White House press conference today.

Social media was quick to blow up following the surprise announcement. “The government is taking our freedom away!!!” tweeted an angry citizen. “Maybe it’s time for red states to succeed from the union,” another person tweeted. Not everybody however seemed so pessimistic about the situation. “This is actually a good move. If y’all would stop being stupid and social distance, they wouldn’t have to impose this law!” someone tweeted. “It’s not as bad as you think. We shouldn’t be celebrating during a pandemic anyways and Fauci is an expert on these things,” another tweeted.

Despite the division among citizens, government officials seem to be unusually united in the cause. Prominent Democrats and Republicans in Congress spoke out on how important this bill would be and vowed to move fast to get the bill on Biden’s desk. “I deeply regret going to Cancun during the Texas power outage, and this bill will include provisions to stop anyone from going on holiday for the rest of the year”, Cruz said this morning on Fox and Friends. Cruz said Republicans would add curbs on traveling out of the country to make sure that people knew they didn’t support the past actions of Cruz. “I think Americans will be proud to see that the GOP indeed does care about the health and safety of American citizens,” said Senate minority leader Mitch McConnell.

Nancy Pelosi made clear the impacts of the bill. This includes no days off school on any Federal Holiday, mandatory work on Federal Holidays, and all entertainment businesses are forced to close on holidays and will receive funds from the federal government.

The part most Americans are surprised about is the ban on traveling out of state. Many people claim it’s a violation of the first amendment and threatened to sue. However, when the Texas AG attempted to build a lawsuit, he quickly abandoned it after learning that the Supreme Court justices have no interest in any lawsuit dealing with the Bill since it was passed through congress and not an executive order.

Americans are finding it strange that at a time most Americans are outraged at a bill, Congress is united. “Congress wasn’t united when it came to anything, I tried to pass the last 4 years so what gives that Congress is able to unite behind a bill with little support because of Fauci?” said former president Trump.

As vaccines are starting to roll-out, CDC experts are claiming that that limiting social interaction is crucial to completely kill the virus and stop it from spreading in the country. Yet as Congress stands united, the American people and state governments are divided and very angry about the issue.

Happy April 1, BASH! 😉