BASH’s first annual indoor dirt biking competition


Grace Erb, 11th grader and experienced dirt-biking competitor revs up for the race! /Photo provided by Grace Erb

Get ready for our ANNUAL Dirt Biking COMPETITION!! Right here in BASH hallways, now turned into your very own racing track. This event will currently be held in the last week of school for all of our BASH students.The hallways will no longer be for walking but transformed into a riding track. BYOB “Bring your Own Bike” or rent one. All riding wear/gear will not be provided for you. The awarding process will go as follows: 1st place winner will receive a trophy to take home and a plaque of their name and achievement of the race in which will be hung up in a place of their choosing in the school, as well as 3 homework passes. 2nd and 3rd place winners will receive silver and bronze medals as well as 3 homework passes. As for the rest of the racers who placed in the top 5 will have the ability to choose their own seating arrangements in the classrooms for the rest of the year. The starting line will take place in the 800’s, the stairs have all been transformed into ramps for student safety. The finish line will then be by crossing the football field that has been littered with obstacles. Before crossing the finish line however, students must have traveled through these specific areas: Cafeteria, Gymnasium, and the auditorium stage. There the racers will have to pick up the designated flag from those areas before heading to the finish line. Players cannot cross the finish unless these three flags are obtained.
There have been studies done that this competition is actually beneficial to the students. It causes a sense of happiness unlike anything else the school district has seen. It motivates our students. It allows them to have freedom and responsibility, but also creates an understanding that this event will continue if, and only if, the students will cooperate and put forth their best efforts in their school career.
In doing so this will allow our students to grow as individuals, but also a school as a whole. Motivation and passion is what our district strives for and with our students help and this dirt biking competition. It most certainly can be achieved.
It has been our tradition in allowing for these students to be able to feel alive and free. It creates a welcoming atmosphere which is what we want for our school and our community.