BASH students are ready to vote!


This is a big election year for the US, and today, November 3, is the last day to make your voice heard. It’s a big deal to finally be able to vote, especially in an election this big. Some seniors at BASH now have the ability to go out and vote.  One student, Matt Shaffer, says he’s excited to be going out and voting. He’s excited to use his civil rights, and have a voice in this election. Now, not every student is necessarily excited to vote. Natalie Morris says although she is only seventeen, she isn’t really disappointed that she won’t be voting this year. She says she isn’t politically involved, so it doesn’t really matter to her who wins. This seems to be the case with many students at BASH. According to school wide statistics gathered by student council, out of the 169 students eligible to vote at Boyertown, 89 are registered, which is more than half of the student body that is eligible to vote!

Although Natalie can’t vote, she sure is excited to see who will be the new leader of our nation!

Regardless of your stance, it’s sure to be an interesting election. Pennsylvania is said to be one of the most important deciding states, and student voters could have an impact on the outcome. Whether we go blue or red could potentially decide who our next president will be. So, if you’re old enough and have an educated opinion, use your right and vote!