Spelling Mistake Promotes Surprising Surge in Sales for FBLA


Before Valentines Day, there has always been a rose sale hosted by FBLA. Even though this sale has always been popular, many of the 100 roses that are ordered by FBLA are not sold. Less and less are sold each year. This year’s sale began on February 3rd, and posters were put around the school advertising the sale. 

At first, many people completely disregarded the posters and didn’t even take a look at them. All it took was one student to notice it to see that there was a problem with the poster. In the top middle of the poster read,”FLBA”. It turns out that the designer of the poster made a typo, and did not correct it before the posters were mass printed and posted. 

It quickly spread around the school like wildfire, and soon, everyone was talking about it. The mistake was quickly fixed, and the posters were taken down and re-posted with the right spelling. Many were disappointed by the fact that it was fixed, because they loved having a laugh when walking past it. “It took me so long to realize the original mistake, that I didn’t even get to see the wrong one before they fixed it” said an anonymous sophomore.

You would think that a mistake like that would make the sale of roses even less than past years, and sell a ton less. Actually, it was quite the opposite, and instead of not even selling their full hundred, they sold more than 400 roses! Many believe that the spark in rose sales was because of the mistake that was made on the poster. 

Believe it or not, the amount of people that were making jokes made a huge impact on the sales. The joke that spread about the poster also made the rose sale more widely known, and made more people consider purchasing roses. On a wider perspective, the popularity of the meme and jokes spread awareness that the rose sale was going on. 

In an overall perspective, the surge in rose sales by FBLA was all created by one simple mistake that made a ton more students consider buying from the sale.