Substitute Gym Teacher Gets Students Excited About Gym Class!

Some of you might have been wondering why your gym teacher hasn’t been here. You just might have had Mrs. Fusco on your schedule. She is on maternity leave. While Mrs. Fusco is on maternity leave, we have a long term sub, and we couldn’t have asked for a better person for the job.


Mr. Chambers is a long term substitute teacher at BASH and is looking to have fun and stay active during his classes this year. No matter your feelings about him, you have to admit he is fun to be around. It’s a great quality for a gym teacher. He wants to make gym class a fun experience that students enjoy, no matter how bad their day has been.


He hopes to make his classes unique this year by “bringing positive energy to the class and incorporating fun games and activities” along with it. Many people could find this as a great morale booster to have during a Phys.Ed class, due to it leading to a fun environment to have class in.


Mr. Chambers graduated from Lock Haven University with a degree in Health and Phys.Ed. This led him into the long term sub work that he is doing in our gym class today. He hopes to find a long-term contract soon with a school for Phys.Ed or Health. 


After being asked how he likes the school year so far, he responded,” It gets hectic, but I am enjoying it so far.” It seems that us students are making a good first impression on him! That’s good for those of you that are his students!


As one of his students, I am enjoying being part of his class, and part of the activities and games that he implements into his classes. Mr. Chambers makes gym class so much fun that everyone can’t help but participate.