“I just want another season.”

According to some GoT fans, the season finale saved season eight from being completely awful. “The Iron Throne” was able to successfully wrapped up the show not leaving many strings untied.

The best parts of the episode came at the end as the most of Stark children ended up with an important role Westeros. Bran the Broken is the King of the Six Kingdoms and protector of the realm and Sansa declared the North independent and is their Queen. It was obvious that Sansa wanted power for a very long time, but it was also revealed through Bran’s smirk that he wanted to be king too. On the other hand, while Arya isn’t a lady or a queen, she is doing whatever her heart desires, sailing the world. Similarly, Jon isn’t the king of anything, I believe he is honestly where he belongs beyond the wall with the Tormund and the other wildlings. It was revealed in the earlier season that Jon truly loved living with the free folk, I just wish Ygritte was alive because it could be argued that she was Jon’s true love.

Personally, the two disappointments of episode six was the destiny of Brienne of Tarth and Gendry. The writers kind of just left Brienne’s story open. Is she a lady? Is she knight of King’s Landing? Is she Bran’s protector? Who knows. As for Gendry, yes he is the Lord of Storm’s End, but what was the point of him being Robert Baratheon’s son? Honestly, there wasn’t a huge significance in this other than he was taken by the Red Witch because of who he actually was.

However, those two disappointments don’t come close to comparing what the writers did to Daenerys. Ten years was spent developing her kind-nature heart and “breaker of chains” personality. She was the symbol of women empowerment throughout the entire show and that was completely destroyed in season eight when she turned totally insane. One theory could be that destroying the world to create a new pure one was the whole plan. She wanted to literally break the wheel. But if that’s so why didn’t she destroy Qarth or  Meereen? And to have Jon, the ultimate good guy, murder his lover was totally heartbreaking.

Season eight was not as disastrous as fans make it out to be. The writers did a fantastic part wrapping up the main character’s stories and brought peace to Westeros at last. Of course there were disappointments in who they killed off because they did an amazing job connecting the characters with the viewers that it was impossible everyone was going to be happy with the finale. However, the deaths were totally necessary. The only complaint is that the final events was squished into one season. The villains, Cersei and the White Walkers, were so built up to be the entire face of all evils in the previous seasons that it seemed way to easy for them to be killed. All in all though, I just want another season.