Why Doesn’t BASH Have a Junior Prom?


In 1944, a Junior/Senior Prom was held in the old gym.

BASH held its Senior Prom earlier this month, but a number of schools around the area hold joint junior/senior proms — or separate proms for juniors and seniors.

This leaves many wondering why Boyertown doesn’t do the same thing.

“All the schools around us have one,” Sophomore Danny Huber said, “so I don’t see the problem in not being able to have one.”

For many years, BASH did hold a Junior/Senior Prom. Pictures on the Boyertown High School History Facebook page show these kinds of events dating back to the 1950s. The junior class picked the theme and handled all the decorating. Sometimes the prom would first include musical acts in the auditorium, then dining. Dancing and socializing would take place in the cafeteria and gym.

And Math Teacher Mr. David Burkert remembers BASH having a Junior-only prom in the early 2000s.

“It was $15 a ticket,” he said.

However, they stopped having junior prom because not enough people attended.

Students dance at BASH’s Senior-Junior Prom in 2000.

Social Studies Teacher Mr. Daniel Fries, the class advisor for the Class of 2019, said the last junior prom held at the school was in 2008.

He said about 400 people had said they would come in a survey the class had put out, but only 43 showed up.

“No one wanted to go,” he said. “We lost $7,000 since no one attended.”

After that, the school board shut down the junior prom.

Senior Ben Margavich thinks it’s just as well, because it would not be as special for seniors if juniors went to the prom, too.

“I feel like it would ruin the senior experience, juniors should have to wait,” he said.