Fall Sports Wrap Up

Boys Soccer: 10-3

The boys soccer team finished a strong season as runner-up for the league championship. They dominated the pac-10 standings in their division, in 1st place in the Liberty division. The race to the championship was a nail-bitter, making all the way to the championship game and barely coming up short. Sophomore Will Schul scored the first goal to put up an early lead, but the Bears couldn’t punch another goal through the net and the Bears lost 2-1. Next year’s soccer team also looks very promising.


Girls Soccer: 11-2

The girls soccer team finished the season with the strongest record in the PAC-10. A high moment might have been when they beat Pottstown High 10-0. A tough moment was in the first game of the PAC-10 championship, when they were battling their hardest, having held Central Bucks West to a 0-0 tie; with only 4:58 left in overtime, CB West scored to win the game.


Football: 5-4

The football team pulled off an amazing season considering the circumstances they faced. Every player had to abruptly adapt to a new scheme offensively and defensively, and they did not have a complete coaching staff throughout the season, according to new Coach George Parkinson. The team had its highs and its lows. Offensively, everyone had a role in the team’s success, but quarterback Lawrence Garnet held his own with incredible stats, including being in the top 5 scorers in the PAC-10 with 13 TD’s and 4 two-point conversions. Defensively, everyone fought hard, but the main player who stood out was Justin Siejk, who out of all the defensive players for Boyertown had the most tackles for the team and the most interceptions out of the entire league. Also, Mitch Warriner had the most sacks, which totaled up to three sacks for the year, which is actually in the top 15 percent in the league. The only flaw, Coach Parkinson said, was the amount of turnovers the team had, and they will work to improve on that for next year.


Boys Cross Country: 4-5

The boys cross country team finished its season 4-5 but had many close meets, according to Coach Steve Fegely. They finished with 4th place in the PAC-10, beating Methacton and OJR toward the end of the season, after each had beat them earlier in the season. Exemplary runners included Senior Dylan Eddinger, the team’s No. 1 runner who finished in 2nd in the championship race versus OJR. Second was Junior Bryton Henry, and Senior Lance Kokonos was the team’s No. 3 runner in every single meet consistently. Finally, the freshman tandem of Josh Endy and Dominic Derafelo challenged many senior racers to be honest to their training.


Girls Cross Country: 5-4

The girls cross country team finished ended with a 5th place standing in the PAC-10. Throughout the girl’s season, Senior Emily Schumaker and Sophomore Gillian Kasitz led the team triumphantly and challenged each other better runners, Coach Fegely said. Senior Laura Simpson was consistently a No. 3 while racing. The season ended with a stunning performance by freshman Amanda Murray, and Senior Karli Gilbert finished strong and healthy after having a lot of injuries over the years.


Girls Tennis: 3-6

Girls tennis did not have a winning season, but the majority of the team was very young, consisting of mostly sophomores, according to Coach Donna Laskosky. Most of the teams these girls faced were junior/senior doubles and singles. The major players this year were Marissa Campo, who placed 5th in the singles tournament and 4th in the doubles tournament with her partner Junior Molly Kulp who had placed 3rd in singles just last year. The young team is predicted to be very competitive next year since the sophomores will now  have had more experience facing more difficult teams than themselves.


Girls Golf: 11-2

Finishing the season with a very good record of 11-2, the girl’s team was yet another team to completely dominate the pac-10 record. Led by the “Featured athlete” Emily Gilbert on the Pac-10 sports website, the girl’s team shot many games where they were 15-25 points under the team playing them and beating their own records in the process.


Boys Golf:  4-5


Girls Field Hockey: 4-8