A New Era In Boyertown Football Leadership

Fans attending Boyertown football games this fall have a noticed a new face pacing the sidelines. Coach George Parkinson assumed responsibility as head coach of the Boyertown varsity football team for the 2014 season.

“I am happy to be where I am at, and it’s my hometown which is awesome,” Parkinson said. “I was certainly pleased to get the job.”

Coach Parkinson most recently served as the head coach for the Boyertown Junior High East varsity football team for the past four years. Before that, he also coached 11- and 12-year-olds in the Pop Warner Football League for 17 years, where he won a National Championship.  He then went on to be an assistant coach at St. Pius High School for two years and eventually took over at the helm  from 2006 to 2009.  In 2010, he was selected as head coach for the Montgomery County All Star Game.

He says his greatest achievements in football were winning the district championship with St. Pius High School in 2009  and the undefeated season in 2013 for Junior High East.

Coach Parkinson said the toughest challenge in his new role has been the transition from junior high to high school football, and getting back into the routine.  He has had to get reacquainted with schemes and plays, as well as accepting the large amount of responsibility.

With a record of 4-2, Coach Parkinson’s expectations for the team are very high.  Parkinson said the team is improving and is on the right track but has not fully met the coaching staffs’ expectations.

“I am happy with where they came from, I am happy about where they are at now, but I still expect improvement in every area,”  he stated.

Coach Parkinson stresses the importance of team unity.  He says the highlight of the year has been seeing improvement in the players, as well as seeing them come together as a team.

Running back and linebacker Mike Porreca said,“Coach Parkinson does a great job of motivating us players to continue working hard and keep fighting for our goals on and off the field.”

Wide receiver and cornerback Dan Yednock added that Coach Parkinson “is a great guy who works us hard and expects our best every time we step on the field; no matter if it’s in practice or on game days.”

Outside of football, Parkinson has a job in sales.  He said he also enjoys spending time with his family.


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