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Whether you stumbled upon this page, or you came looking for this column, I hope that you can find comfort in the fact that I will be here, pushing out nonsense to ease the stresses and pains of high school. I’m here with you in this habitat of hormones. I want to say that everything I write here will be action packed and dripping with controversy — but it will probably be more of a compilation of random acts of weirdness, or an encyclopedia of facts that will make you want to pull your hair out. Regardless, try to hang in there and enjoy the ride. This is, after all, only the beginning. Who knows, maybe you will learn to love this quiet corner of the internet and log in every week to see what is going on? If not, or if you don’t like hearing people rant or gush their opinions, click away from this page, never look back! ( Please don’t go.) That was creepy… sorry.


I think that the most relevant topic I can touch on this early in the school year is the new schedule. The seniors here at BASH could be compared to lab rats when it comes to the dramatic scheduling experiments the school has thrown at us.

Personally, I believe that the schedule last year was awesome. Before you click away  from this article, remembering survey results showing many people wanted the schedule changed, hear me out.

For those of you that weren’t here for the 2013-2014 school year, here is a quick description of last year’s schedule. Everyday, Lunch and Flex (a time for students to get extra help catching up on academic skills or school work) were back to back. Students had 30 minutes for each of these things, and if students didn’t need to use the flex period, they had an hour for lunch.This was awesome if you were able to go out for lunch, because it gave you time to relax while you were out eating. The reason a lot of people didn’t like this schedule is because on Days 5 and 6, we had block classes,which means that we only had half of our classes that day and they were all 80 minutes long. Also, the schedule eliminated daily homeroom, and students only met for homeroom once a cycle on Day 6.

I might be in the minority, but I liked the block periods. Forty minutes is way too short of a class to get anything done. Eighty minutes was great for taking AP tests and having extended study halls. These prolonged classes only happened once a cycle, so teachers could plan their major activities on these days. Because students only had half of their classes, this meant that you got a break from certain classes once a cycle.

This year, we have an extremely short flex period, shorter lunches, and shorter classes. Too short, in my opinion.

It is evident that many people like this year’s schedule better than last year, but I wish that longer class periods could have been incorporated into this year’s schedule.


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