Another New Schedule at BASH

For the third time in three years, BASH is trying a new schedule.

The schedule brings back a daily homeroom at the beginning of the day, and contains nine 40-minute periods.  Double periods have been eliminated (except for science labs), and early dismissal days for faculty planning meetings are gone, too. Finally, the FLEX period has been moved to a 20-minute period between 2nd and 3rd period for all students.

BASH Principal Dr. Brett Cooper repeated what he said at the end of last year about the changes: “We are confident this new schedule will provide all students with what is needed to be successful in a changing world.”

The revised schedule is in reaction to a survey last April, given to parents, students, and faculty. The survey results indicated:

-The schedule needed to change

-Students and staff would benefit from a daily homeroom

-Extended periods were not popular

-FLEX is beneficial but needed revisions

With any change comes mixed reaction. Some students like the new schedule’s predictability. “I prefer this year’s schedule. It’s a lot easier to follow,” Junior Caleb Williams said.

Others miss the longer periods. “Last year’s schedule was better,” Junior Christian Peterson said. “I liked having a longer FLEX period to do my homework and study.”

Later this year, a survey will be issued to see how students and staff adjust to the schedule and further changes could be made, if needed, Dr. Cooper said.


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