TikTok posts threaten schools across the US

Numerous TikTok messages indicated a threat of school violence to take place Friday, December 17, 2021. The threats went viral nationwide and are a cause of concern for school districts. This situation appears to be very similar to the messages received at BASH several weeks ago, that resulted in the school moving to lockdown. Upon further investigation, the threat was found to be part of a nationwide social media challenge that had taken off and was being reported around the county and was deemed non-credible, though certainly unnerving for our BASH students and families. Since the receiving the messages, BASH and other local schools have been in touch with all local police departments out of an abundance of caution. There will be a proactive police presence at other schools, including BASD on December 17th, although there have been no direct threats to BASD, the situation is being monitored closely.