Google crash causes conflict for BASH staff and students

For about an hour this morning, December 14, google suffered a major worldwide outage. All apps run by the company wouldn’t work- gmail, google classroom, youtube, etc. More than a billion global users rely on google products everyday, so you can imagine the chaos it caused. Here at Boyertown, some teachers couldn’t open google meets used for homeroom. Some students and staff had trouble accessing their email, google classroom, and other google ran apps, which have become a necessary part of class.

Although outages like these have become fairly uncommon with the rise of big tech companies such as google and facebook, it’s obvious they still happen. The problem is when they do, it affects everyone, sometimes to the extreme. Here at Boyertown, we rely on google for many things, especially with online learning. We need google, and when something like this happens it can throw everyone off schedule. Luckily the company managed to fix the issues quickly. Although we aren’t sure what caused this shutdown, Mr. Iannelli, the director of Information Technology, stated in an email to staff that all google systems are now back online and should be working smoothly.

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