BASH Cub display invites students to join the writing team


Jocelyn Lear

The Cub put together a detailed new showcase.

Cub has put up their latest showcase, featuring a broody and charismatic writing den.

The den, representing the BASH Cub, has light, wood-paneled walls and a dark floor. Resting on a desk, a 1920’s-era typewriter shows a partial story draft and a candle to light the work, it has a very natural and old-timey aesthetic.

The student news organization sports their accolades, and has a lot to be proud of, with walls covered in “Best of SNO” awards, awarded by the organization that Cub is a part of, School Newspapers Online. Boyertown has won 13 awards this year alone from SNO, which reports that 14,428 stories have been submitted and 2,329 awards have been given at the time of this publication.

A large focus is drawn to the window, bringing in light despite the atmosphere of the display. The window almost seems to beckon in new writers, with a sign posted asking for inquiries within.

A small trashcan for ruined story drafts rests on the floor, overflowing crumpled papers that litter the entire floor which represents the natural flow of the writing process.