Trump Gets an A for His Accomplishments

As 2018 comes to a close, it is important for America to take a step back and do a “progress report” on the events of the year. Some moments were funny, others were sad, but none were or will be more controversial than this year’s political events. And fresh off the steps of the midterm elections, the situation is more heated than ever. More than anything, it is important for citizens of the United States to appreciate the successes Donald Trump has given to the country, including a thriving economy, fair taxes, and fulfilled promises.

Though swamped in media coverage, it is hard for anyone to understand what the economy is like, even for those studying it. While many analysts say that the economic powerhouse is China or Germany, it is America who leads the world’s economy, and it has been that way since the Second World War. Yes, this fluctuates, but the fact is that America is consistently on top. With only 4.5 percent of the world’s population, America generates 25 percent of the world’s GDP, ranking it at number one.

The reason for the debate, as of late, has been caused by economic socialist reform in Europe and Asia. Germany is currently playing catch-up after being the “poor man” of Europe for the past ten years. The capitalist economy of America, on the other hand, has only been improved by President Trump, who has worked to cut taxes for the middle class, and worked towards more progressive flat taxes for citizens of the United States along with higher tax rates to companies outsourcing to different countries.

Taking a deeper look into tax cuts for the middle class, Trump passed the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act back in 2017, increasing the tax deduction for everyday citizens, as well as increasing the number of jobs being brought back from outsourcing. In 2016, this number averaged at 12,000, while in 2017 (Trump’s early presidency), it averaged at about 50,000 jobs.

Admittedly, it’s hard for high school students to sift through so much media to really understand politics. That is not an insult to their knowledge, but a criticism on the dramatic effect media seems to sap from every source that is labeled “politics”. However, one of the things a president should be judged on is how much he accomplishes in comparison to how much he promised. President Trump, though bold in his claims, has completed several of his goals already, with two years still left to finish those he has not. Some goals that have been accomplished that Americans may have not heard of are:

  • record-breaking tax cuts to the middle class
  • a partnership with the department of homeland security to protect American schools
  • welfare reform
  • ceasing of the North Korean nuclear missile program
  • the placement of the Israeli embassy in Jerusalem.

The Israeli embassy conflict — an extension of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict — is an issue presidents of the United States have been attempting to extinguish since the conclusion of the Second World War, and while the embassy movement did not solve the conflict between the two nations, it accomplished a feat that presidents since Clinton have been attempting to accomplish, thus showing how much initiative the president truly has.

Granted, President Trump is to no extent perfect. But the job of the president is not to be nice, it is to get the job done. While his character may be flawed, citizens must not forget that this is politics. There are a lot of lies, and a lot of less-than-perfect events that occur, but if the economy is animate and the promises are met, the president, no matter what party he comes from, is doing an adequate job — and Trump has proven that to America.