A Mockingbird Story

In a little county called Maycomb

Where Atticus stays,

Two of his children Jem and Scout play.

Scout almost six does her own thing,

While Jem nearly ten likes reading.

With no mother around, the role goes to Cal, 

And during the summer Dill is their pal.

The neighbors of the Finches are rather nice

Except for Ms. Dubose, her heart is full of ice.

Boo in his home never comes out,

But that doesn’t stop him from spying on Jem and Scout.

Aunt Alexandra upholds the family name,

That’s why in Maycomb County she has a lot of fame.

Tom Robinson fell guilty of rape

It didn’t end well when he tried to escape.

Bob Ewell is aggressive when it comes to his pride

That’s why in the book he suddenly died.

A man who saved the Finch kids is ghostly white,

Turns out it was Boo Radley, now the Finches are alright.