OPINION: A political disease?




Democrats are guilty of using coronavirus as a “political weapon” in their quiver. While experts are demanding that people stay at home and wear masks when out in public, politicians, such as Joe Biden, are out using the pandemic to send a message to the public. Politicians are also suddenly fond of protests even though everyone is supposed to be social distancing. Holding fundraisers also doesn’t abide by social distancing guidelines. Democrats, but mostly Joe Biden, are also trying to blame the Trump Administration for the Coronavirus, while the Chinese Communist Party is the real cause of the outbreak. China stated that they would rather not have Trump win the election; Biden, in their eyes, is a lot more predictable and smoother to deal with. In Biden’s speech for the Democratic nomination, he only mentioned China once but blamed Trump for a lot of coronavirus-related problems. It seems like the Democratic party and the Chinese Communist Party are working together to defeat Donald Trump by putting the blame of the Global Pandemic, which seems to have originated in China, on the Trump Administration.

Democrats also want to have votes sent through the mail, even though there is no risk in voting in person. Voting in the mail could lead to several problems, with the main concern being electoral fraud. Back in 2016, 33.3M votes were mailed, and out of that 73,565 votes we not counted. This election, Nevada is mailing ballots to the 200,000 inactive voters. Inactive voters are people who did not update their address and moved, so the Nevada government is giving away 200,000 free ballots to places where people do not even live anymore, giving many other people the chance to take those unclaimed ballots and use for themselves or throw away. Hillary Clinton, a democratic public speaker, who is now trying to say that Republicans, are trying to sabotage the USPS to make mail voting more difficult. Democrats have a history of pinning problems on the Republicans, so we can now only hope that Republicans win the election, and Democrats take responsibility for the problems they’ve caused themselves.

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