BASH Indoor Guard show needs help!


Joseph S. Butz

Boyertown Guard Picture of Cinderella dancing on her own from a performance in early March ( Lead dancer with the role of Cinderella)

Do you need volunteer hours? Want to help a friend out, or feel it’s in your moral code to help your school clubs? Then this is the opportunity for you! The Bash Color Guard goes to WGI and continues to plan for the competition at BASH and needs help.

Our Indoor Winter-guard needs help finding volunteers for their home show on March 25. This would consist of working at concessions and leading teams from different schools to their waiting or practice areas. You can even keep track of their practice times and follow them to the gym for their performance. Almost anyone can volunteer, from parents to students, and if you can’t volunteer, you could instead donate food for the event. In addition to volunteering, you get to watch amazing shows for not only the Boyertown team but also other school teams.

If you want to volunteer Saturday, please sign up here. If you are over 18, make sure you fill out Act 153 Volunteer Affidavit. Having clearances with the district is essential to ensure everyone’s safety.

Volunteers are essential for the show. We really appreciate everyone’s dedicated time!