Drama Club Brings “Salem’s Daughter” to BASH


Poster hung throughout BASH hallways for Salem’s Daughter

For hundreds of years, the Salem Witch trials have been brought to life through movies and television. This week the students of BASH will be bringing to life the stories with the Craig Sodaro production of Salem’s Daughter.

Since late September, Mrs. Haley and 12 talented students have been working hard to prepare for the upcoming play. The show is scheduled to perform in the FAUD on Friday, November 18th at 7 pm and Saturday the 19th at 2 pm. General admission is $7, however, it is $5 if you bring your student ID.

The students participating in the play say there are many twists and turns and something you truly wouldn’t want to miss out on!

If you have an interest in participating in similar events, the drama club will be returning to the stage for its next performance in April 2023.  The show is yet to be determined, but auditions are set to be held in March.

Be sure to check out  Salem’s Daughter this weekend!