‘Devious Lick’ births ‘Angelic Yields’: Students are redeeming themselves


Angelic yield trending on tik tok

The ‘Devious Lick’ challenge encouraged students to take things from schools and show them off using TikTok. Because of this behavior, many students were suspended, expelled, and even faced criminal charges. Now there is a new term called ‘Angelic Yields’ or a reverse lick trending on TikTok where students actually re-do the bathrooms to look better than they were before. This has been slowly growing starting with TikTok user @j.uher7, the most viral ones being students leaving new soap in the bathrooms along with rolls of toilet paper, some even put caution signs on the bathroom floor.

But it doesn’t stop there, students have been leaving bathrooms better than they were before by hiding stacks of money, some people have brought coffee makers and even redesigned the whole bathroom by leaving welcome mats outside of stall doors, hanging wall decor such as wooden wind chimes, putting up posters, and even replacing sinks with bigger nicer ones.

It doesn’t even stop at bathrooms, students are now taking it to the classroom by returning pencils, erasers, pens, and replacing teachers’ projectors. Students are reinstalling stolen smart boards, handing out pre-packaged food to other classmates, and even leaving money hidden on teachers desks.

As this new, positive trend circles, we can only wonder if this trend too will come to Boyertown with the same fervor as the ‘Devious Lick’ challenge earlier this month.