BASH Homecoming game is on!


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Recently, Governor Wolf changed his recommendation for number of fans allowed in the stands at sporting events. This is great new for BASH- there can now be a homecoming queen crowned at halftime of the Homecoming football game October 23 against Upper Perkiomen High School. Juniors and Seniors are encouraged to vote for the queen this upcoming week. As for the football game, there will be some restrictions on who can attend and how. According BASH’s athletic director Mr. Palladino, two tickets will be available to the parents of each football player, cheerleader, and band member participating in the game. If there are any left after this sale, they will be made available to students twenty four hours before game night. Ticket cost is two dollars. The snack stand will most likely not be opened, and masks will be required. The game will start at seven, and there are no activities planned for afterwards as of now.

With constant new updates and regulations, this information can change week to week, even day to day. However, for the time being BASH is lucky to be able to celebrate Homecoming, and crown a Homecoming Queen. It’s sure to be a fun and special night.