Boyertown staff work together to give BASH class of 2020 a proper send off


Teachers, staff, and administrators from elementary, middle and high school drove to homes of graduates to hand-deliver diplomas

Due to 2020’s unusual circumstances, the school year had been cut short, and unfortunately, impacted the seniors in countless ways. They lost an event high school students look forward too for all four years; graduation. As sad as this may be, Boyertown’s staff and administration seized the opportunity to try new ways of recognizing and congratulating the graduating class.

On Wednesday, June 3rd, faculty prepared goody bags to hand-deliver the next day, where there were then 202 volunteers to deliver. In the bags purchased by the BAEA,  were the students’ diplomas, scholarships/awards, and a T-shirt. Staff members went to numerous seniors’ houses to drop-off these items on Thursday, June 4th, while also continuing to congratulate them in attempts to make up for the huge crowd they missed out on in a typical graduation ceremony.

The class of 2020 may not get to experience a traditional ceremony, but they did receive an unprecedented visit from teachers that they will definitely remember.