Seniors Smash Juniors at 2019 Powder Puff Game


Student Council

Seniors won Powder Puff this year, bringing out their second win in a row.

All pictures courtesy of Student Council.

The Class of 2020 secured a second consecutive win at this year’s Powder Puff game, winning with a final score of 30-22.

Student Council raised over $4000 yesterday, including over $250 from the Mini-THON Pep Rally Miracle Minute, and just over $375 during the Miracle Minute at last night’s game.

Different from past years, this years game had a lot of defense.

“A normal year has a lot of offensive plays,” Student Council adviser Mr. Kusniez said. “There were a lot of good defensive plays this year.”

Key players included Ashley Kapp, Renee Simmons, and Mackenzie Shaner for the Juniors, and Maddy Tyson, Emily Hillegas, and Kylie McGrath for the Seniors, according to announcer Tatum Wallace.

Powder Puff Cheerleader Coach Alexa Walter thought the game was very exciting.

“There were points where the score was tied, so we weren’t sure who would even win,” Alexa said. “Overall, the seniors and juniors did great, and seeing everyone have fun with participating made the entire game so much better.”

A major concern was violence issues from last year – many students reported being choked or stepped on from last year’s senior class.

“We addressed the violence from last year,” Mr. Kusniez said.

Student Council
Cheerleaders carried out a Miracle Minute during the game.

Part of the dress code this year eliminated metal cleats as part of this move. As far as shirts went, they were green and gray this year – green for seniors and light gray for juniors. Cheerleaders wore white ones.

Among one of the highlights was the cheerleaders half-time dance.

“I thought they performed amazing for only having three practices,” Alexa said. “They worked very hard and were all very into it which was great to see!”

This year, the cheerleaders performed multiple songs with a record number of 39 male cheerleaders.

“It was a mix of songs because we wanted to incorporate entertainment that was funny, upbeat, and enjoyable for the boys and the crowd,” Alexa said.

A reason for the lower score compared to past years is attributed to many soccer players being unable to play due to districts.

Despite this, the senior class pulled through with an 8-point lead.